Watch Feeds

An Independent RSS Reader For Your Apple Watch

Read using Wifi or LTE

Watch Feeds can fetch articles via Wifi or LTE, without your iPhone nearby. It will also cache the feed contents and allow you to continue reading even when you don't have an internet connection. 

Always Stay Up to Date

Not just the headlines! Most of the websites will automatically provide you with an excerpt or summary. However, if you want to read more, Watch Feeds will fetch the full article content for you.

You Control Your Feeds

Watch Feeds gives you complete control over your subscriptions. You can read articles from the sites you are interested in and can easily unsubscribe from the feeds if you don't enjoy them.

Supports Notification

Watch Feeds supports notification and complication. Now you can stay up to date without opening the app!

Free Features

11 Feed Services 

Watch Feeds supports Inoreader, The Old Reader, NewsBlur, BazQux Reader, Feedbin, Fever, Local, Tiny Tiny RSS, FreshRSS, Sync Read, and iCloud.

Image Viewer

Watch Feeds will automatically find the image from the article. Double tap the image and use digital crown to zoom.

Read All Items

You can mix all your feeds, which allows you to stay on the front lines of current events.

Read Later

Found an interesting article? You can send articles to read later list. This allows you to find them easily and read them when you have free time.

Search/Discover Feeds

You can discover feeds by category or customize your preferences through the simple search function. 

Quick Actions

Some free actions include: Read Later, Share, Open in Browser, Send to iPhone (limited to 10 articles), and Fetch Full Text.


Stay up to date without opening the app. Watch Feeds will automatically notify you of new articles!


If you are too lazy to open the app, then you can use the complication from Watch Feeds to view the latest article right on your watch face.

And More...

Folders, hide IP using proxy image, offline reading, mark feed as read, hide read articles, automatic full text fetching, export/import OPML, and more...

Pro Features

You can unlock Pro in Watch Feeds iOS app.

Multiple Accounts

Pro users can add unlimited number of feed accounts to Watch Feeds. Free users can only have 2 feed accounts.

Powerful Actions

Some Pro actions include: New Mastodon Post, Send to Instapaper, Send to Pocket, Send to Raindrop, Send to Tagpacker, Send to Readwise, Send to Omnivore, Remind Me Later, and Translate.

Improved Push Notifications

Pro user: minimum 10 minutes refresh rate, maximum 20 subscribed feeds. Non-pro user: minimum 1 hour refresh rate, maximum 5 subscribed feeds.

Appearance Customization

Not an orange fan? Pro user can customize app color and loading indicator style. [Due to watchOS's limitation, you can't change the color of the titles]

Unlimited Inbox

Pro users can save unlimited amount of articles to their iPhone's Inbox using the `Send to iPhone` action. You can also save articles for offline reading!

Experimental Features

Some experimental features include: show unlimited articles (for Inoreader, News Blur, BazQux Reader, and Feedbin's feeds) and unlock experimental actions.