Watch Feeds

An Independent RSS Reader For Your Apple Watch

Privacy Policy

By default, Watch Feeds does not collect & share any PERSONAL information
In other words, your personal information (feed account's subscription, feeds subscription, inbox, etc.) are stored locally.

If you choose to use third party feed services, Watch Feeds will save your username/password securely in iCloud Keychain.
Also, Watch Feeds will not perform actions (adding new feeds, renaming your feeds, mark articles as read, etc.) for you without your consent.

If you want to enable Watch Feeds's notification, Watch Feeds will send the device notification token (given by Apple),  and your notification feed subscription (you need to manually add your notification subscription in the app) to our server. So our server can lookup those feed periodically and send the latest update to Apple Push Notification service server. Our server will only store the most recent notification subscription, therefore you can remove your information by removing all your notification subscription.

If you are using Watch Feeds version 4.0.0 or above, we will not upload your complication subscription to our server anymore. All complications will process and refresh locally. If you are using any version below 4.0.0, we will send your device complication token (given by Apple), and your complication subscription to our server. Just like notification, you can remove your information by removing all your complication subscription.

If you choose to enable Watch Feeds Cloud or use Sync Read account, Watch Feeds will send your Sign In with Apple token (given by Apple), your Pro unlock status, and your Pocket, Instapaper, Twitter, Raindrop, and/or Tagpacker accounts data (using end-to-end encryption) to our server. You can delete your data at anytime by pressing the 'Delete Accounts & Sign Out' button inside the iOS app.