Odous for Mastodon

A lightweight Mastodon client for Apple Watch

Reply, boost, and more!

After you add a Mastodon account to Odous, you can create new posts, and reply, boost, favorite, & bookmark other posts right on your wrist.

Trending hashtags and search

Odous allows you to view current trending posts, trending hashtags, search accounts, and search hashtags without using your iPhone.


Add Odous complication to your watch face. Now you can view the latest trending posts, your home timeline, or posts from your favorite account/hashtag without opening Odous.

Other Free Features

Create new posts

Now you can use Odous to create new posts without using your iPhone!

Videos and photos

You can view media attachments (videos and photos) using Odous. 

See different timelines

Odous supports trending, local, federated, and your personal home timelines.

View User's Profile

View users' bio, check their posts, check their following/followers, and follow, block, and mute them.

View bookmarks & favorites

You can use Odous to read your bookmarks and favorites posts.

Check messages and notifications

You can also use Odous to read your private messages, or check your Mastodon account's notifications.

Open links

You can open http(s) link, @ account handle, and # hashtag using Odous!


Use Handoff to continue a task on your iPhone. For example, after you opened a post on your watch, you can continue reading it on your iPhone.

And More...

Home screen and lock screen widgets for iPhone, sync your accounts with Odous sync, share or report posts, and more...

Pro Features

You can unlock Pro in Odous's iOS app.

Multiple Accounts

Pro users can add multiple Mastodon accounts to Odous. Have multiple Mastodon accounts? Now you can view all of them on your Apple Watch!


Customize Actions

Pro users can customize their quick actions. Remember, you need to add a Mastdon account to Odous before you can use quick actions!


Make your voice heard. After you unlocked Pro, you can vote on the polls right on your watch.

Appearance Customization

Pro user can customize app color and posts' layout.
[Due to watchOS's limitation, you can't change the color of the titles]

Customize Launchers

Launchers are complications that allow you to open trending, home, local, and hashtag pages directly on the watch face. You can add multiple launchers to the same watch face.

View your lists

Keep your timeline organized. Pro users have the option to view their personal lists.