Odous for Mastodon

A lightweight Mastodon client for Apple Watch

Privacy Policy

By default, Odous does not collect & share any PERSONAL information
In other words, your personal information (Mastodon account, favorites and bookmarks, etc.) are stored locally.

If you choose to sign in with your Mastodon accounts, Odous will preform this request using OAuth, so we will able to not see/store your password.
Also, Odous will not perform actions (boosting, commenting, creating new posts etc.) for you without your consent.

If you choose to enable Odous Sync, Odous will send your Sign In with Apple token (given by Apple), your Pro unlock status, and your Mastodon accounts data (username, encrypted access token using end-to-end encryption) to our server. You can delete your data at anytime by pressing the 'Delete Accounts & Sign Out' button inside the iOS app.