Lollybot for Reddit

Browse Reddit on your Apple Watch

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If you installed the iPhone app and signed in with your Reddit account, you can view your personal home feeds right on your Apple Watch.

Search a Subreddit

Lollybot helps you discover new subreddits, you can visit any subreddits you want by using the search function.


Lollybot allows you to subscribe and favorite a subreddit (or do the opposite) without using your iPhone!

Other Free Features

Sync Subscriptions

Sync your Reddit's subscription with one click, then you can view all your subscribed/favorited subreddits on your watch.

Posts & Comments

With Lollybot, you can create new post or write comment right on your wrist. 

View Saved Posts

Found a fun and interesting post? Save it on your watch! Want to see your saved posts again? View it on your watch!

View User's Profile

Want to stalk someone? Want to know someone better? Now, you can view users' profile without using your iPhone.


If you are too lazy to open the app, then you can use Lollybot's complication to view the latest/hottest/best posts right on your watch face.

Private Messages

With Lollybot, you can view PM from other users, reply a message, and block a users.

Custom Feeds (Multireddits)

Custom Feeds allow you to easily access your subreddits. Group your subreddits with your iPhone and view them on your watch.


Use Handoff to continue a task on your iPhone. For example, after you opened a post on your watch, you can continue reading it on your iPhone.

And More...

Upvote & downvote both posts and comments, see post and user's flairs, image preview, Twitter's tweet & user preview, cake day indicator, post's awards listing and more...

Pro Features

You can unlock Pro in Lollybot's iOS app.

Multiple Accounts

Pro users can add unlimited number of Reddit accounts to Lollybot. Have multiple Reddit accounts? Now you can view all of them on your Apple Watch!

Customize Gestures & Actions

Pro users can customize their swipe actions. Available actions for posts include: upvote, downvote, save, minimize, and share. Available actions for comments include: upvote, downvote, save, minimize, and share.

Improved Push Notifications

Pro user: minimum 10 minutes refresh rate, maximum 20 subscribed subreddit. Non-pro user: minimum 1 hour refresh rate, maximum 5 subscribed subreddit.

Appearance Customization

Not a purple fan? Pro user can customize app color. [Due to watchOS's limitation, you can't change the color of the titles]

Customize Launchers

Launchers are complications that allow you to open any subreddit directly on the watch face. You can add multiple launchers to the same watch face.

Experimental Features

Some experimental features include: viewing gif, gallery, and open link via browser. [Experimental means unstable, use at your own risk]