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Privacy Policy

Lollybot does not collect & share any PERSONAL information
In other words, your personal information (Reddit's subscription, username, saved post, etc.) are stored locally.

If you choose to sign in with your Reddit account, Lollybot will preform this request using OAuth, so we will able to not see/store your password.
Also, Lollybot will not perform actions (voting, commenting, posting, listing your subscription, etc.) for you without your consent.

If you want to enable Lollybot's complication, Lollybot will send the device token (given by Apple) as well as your complication subscription (Not your Reddit subscription, you need to manually add your complication subscription in the app) to our server. So our server can lookup those subreddits periodically and send the latest update to Apple Push Notification service server. Our server will only store the most recent complication subscription, therefore you can remove your information by removing all your complication subscription.

If you opened a link in Lollybot, Lollybot will parse the content for you by sending the URL (Just the URL, nothing else) to our server. One positive side effect is that the target website will not able to track you.

Lastly, since Lollybot is a Reddit client, you can learn about their privacy policy by clicking the link below.
Reddit Privacy Policy