A simple calendar that Provides a monthly view

An app that not only shows you the monthly and daily calendar but also shows your events'/reminders' details.

Why Kalendae?

Your Privacy Matters

Kalendae values your privacy. Your calendars, events, and reminders will stay on your watch.

View Other Months

Unlike other calendars on your watch, Kalendae not only has the ability to view the current months but also allows you to switch between months.

Quickly Check Your Availability

Want to know your availability? Find the month and tap on the date, or use Time Travel. You don't need to grab your phone anymore!


Kalendae uses gesture to help you navigate and view the calendars easily. For example, pressing the screen gently will reveal the week number, double-tapping the day labels will allow you to return to the current month.

WatchOS 6 Require. Download on Apple Watch's App Store now!


If you have any questions or have any feedback, please contact me with the email below, I am more than happy to help you!

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