CheeseBot for Lemmy

Browse Lemmy on your Apple Watch

Subscribed, Local, and All

Add your Lemmy account to CheeseBot. Now you can view your subscribed communities right on your Apple Watch.


CheeseBot allows you to upvote and downvote both posts and comments without using your iPhone!

Search a Community

CheeseBot helps you discover new communities, you can visit any community you want using the search function.

Other Features

Sync Subscriptions

Sync your Lemmy's subscription with one click, then you can view all your subscribed communities on your watch.

Posting & Commenting

With CheeseBot, you can create new post or write comment right on your wrist. 

View Saved Posts & Comments

Found a fun and interesting post? Save it on your watch! Want to see your saved posts again? View it on your watch!

View User's Profile

Want to stalk someone? Want to know someone better? Now, you can view users' profile without using your iPhone.


If you are too lazy to open the app, then you can use CheeseBot's complication to view the top/active/hot posts right on your watch face.


Home screen widgets and lock screen widgets. CheeseBot includes the following widgets: popular posts, user stats, posts list.


CheeseBot allows you to view replies, mentions, and private messages right on your Apple Watch.


Use Handoff to continue a task on your iPhone. For example, after you opened a post on your watch, you can continue reading it on your iPhone.

And More...

Subscribe to new community, view community's sidebar, view pictures, report post, open link, and more...